Right to use photos

Each work, each photo is linked to a right of use, also called copyright. It is determined in a legal document called assignment of rights and it delimits in time and space the right of use granted to the broadcaster. It must be renewed at each deadline, it means, in absolute terms that broadcasters must pay the right to use / broadcast the photo to continue to exploit it. This right of use protects the work, the author photographer and allows him also to be paid according to the use of these photos. The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in favor of copyright.

The free rights

The free rights do not exist! It is a marketing term that goes against the Intellectual Property Code which defines the rights of authors. Exceptionally, an author may grant a non-paying use of one of his works. But this is always limited in time and space and this must be contractualized through the assignment of rights.


Signing photos

Signing photos is a legal requirement. According to art. L.121-1 of the CPI:

“The author enjoys the right to respect for his name, his quality and his work. This right is attached to his person. It is perpetual, inalienable and imprescriptible. It is transferable because of death to the heirs of the author. The exercise may be conferred on a third party by testamentary dispositions.”

Copyright “DR”

DR does not exist! This is the acronym for Rights Reserved. Although too often used, it is an illegal mention that does not respect the Code of Intellectual Property. This non-respect of the law implies that the uncredited photographer may not be paid for his work and the publication of his photo … this is called counterfeiting work .


Site references in the field

Intellectual Property Code on the Legifrance website (In French)

Legal framework of the photographer on the website of the UPP – The union of Professional Photographers and Authors (in French)



error: Photo non libre de droits ! Contactez-moi si vous souhaitez pouvoir l\'utiliser. / Photo not royalty free! Contact me if you wish to use it.