Art prints

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My photos are all drawn on art paper acclaimed by collectors and museums, including the MOMA in New York and the Louvre in Paris.

The papers used for the prints are:

  • Baryta from Hahnemühle for digital prints
  • Ilford baryta for silver prints

However for some projects more confidential papers can be used.


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Flying Girls ©Gaël Dupret
1st prize Photo “Les Papillons”
(Carpentras International Photography Competition)


For the photo to be considered as a work of art, each print that I give you is:

Limited to 30 copies worldwide (legal requirement)

Numbered (legal obligation)

Signed (legal obligation)

Delivered with a document: Label Digigraphies® or Original Print©, certifying the limited nature and the number of the photo in the series (legal obligation)


Comes with the certificate of authenticity of the work by MONUMA – 1st world: I am the first photographer to benefit.


Certificat MONUMA© Certificate a world first

Each photo print is delivered with its certificate of authenticity from the blockchain MONUMA©. This certificate of authenticity is a legal and official document to transmit to your insurance and it is useful in case of loss or theft on the work, but also for the sale of it. I am the first photographer in the world to be certified MONUMA.

Digigraphie® or Original Print©Labels

The digital photo prints are labeled Digigraphies® and the silver prints are labeled Original Print©. These are technical labels that allow to produce or reproduce a work of art according to technical criteria of excellence and to certify the quality of the print, in particular by the selected paper, the selected inks – as part of digital prints – but also of the limited number of works in the world with a maximum of 30 prints / photo in the world. A single certificate is given to the purchaser of the work. These certificates are official documents including the history and the number of the draw x / 30, (some as “Flying Girls” are limited to 20 copies). However, they have no legal value, which is why I have the MONUMA© certificate of authenticity, which has a legal and legal value.

The Lab Tirages Exposition

Since the advent of digital, I have chosen to entrust my prints to people whose job it is. Entrusting prints to a specialist is a crucial and delicate choice. For a collaboration to work, it takes trust but also a lot of listening in order to understand each other and to form a winning pair. This communication is used in particular to convey the vision of our shot, the type of contrast, density of black or white, the importance of color … Since 2017, I collaborate with Fabienne BEDEX founder of the Labs Tirages Exposition(Drawings Exhibition) located in Auray in Morbihan, Brittany, more particularly in charge of prints. We took the time to know each other.

Fabienne and her team manage the printing, the lamination, the framing and the transport of my works in France and abroad.

The laboratory is certified “Digigraphie by Epson”, “Certified Print Lab” by Canson and “Certified Studio “by Hahnemülhe.

Tirages Exposition website

Drawing style

The majority of my photo prints are in black & white. I like photo prints where blacks are deep and whites are bright with a wide range of grays. In terms of presentation rare are the photos “full frame”. Usually a white margin and a black border surround the photo. In some cases, because the subject inspires me differently, I make color prints and full frame. As can be seen in the photo above: “Flying Girls” made in 2016 on the market of Adzopé in Ivory Coast.

I do not retouch my photos and for digital I do not apply filters.

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Acquire an art print

Who can buy my prints?

Companies and individuals, everyone can buy one or more photo prints.

What is the format of the prints?

Several formats are possible depending on the desired photos.

Delivery zone ?

My photos are delivered in France and abroad by the international carrier service with which works Fabienne BEDEX.

What photos can you acquire?

All my photos, whether they are on this site in the portfolio section, in my photo library or distributed by the press agencies with which I collaborate, can be drawn at your request (within the maximum limit of 30 prints whatever the format).


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If you want to acquire 1 or more art prints, send me your contact information I will contact you upon receipt!


    error: Photo non libre de droits ! Contactez-moi si vous souhaitez pouvoir l\'utiliser. / Photo not royalty free! Contact me if you wish to use it.